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HarmonyHouse Newfoundlands is committed to producing healthy puppies who will be good family pets as well as good working dogs and show dogs.  To this end: 

Before breeding, parents receive the health screenings recommended by the Newfoundland Club of America -hips, elbows, heart and cystinuria.

Puppies are not placed in homes until they have been wormed, had their first set of puppy shots, and a heart check by a canine cardiologist

Puppies are not placed in new homes until they are 10 weeks old.

Puppies are raised with attention to their particular needs at each stage of development. They are kept in the house until they are 4 weeks old. Then they are moved outside during the day, but they still sleep inside at night.  When they go to new homes they are well socialized and ready to be wonderful pets.

Puppies nurse until they are about 5-6 weeks old.  At 3 1/2 weeks we start feeding them a good quality, premium dog food that meets all their nutritional requirements.  By the time they are placed in homes,they are eating two cups of food, twice a day.

Puppies stay with their mother until they leave for their new homes, but get taken aside for individual attention daily.

Newfoundland Club of America
Newfoundland Club of Seattle
Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club.
We breed for both black and brown puppies

We are located in Lacey, Washington USA. We have shared our lives with many Newfoundlands since the first two became part of our family in 1988.  Our dogs participate in the full range of working dog events and all have multiple titles, including drafting, water rescue, obedience, Rally, agility, and conformation. They are also cherished family members who happily lounge on the couch and sprawl on the floor when they aren't out working.

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