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The following resources may help you develop a greater understanding of
Newfoundlands and being a Newfoundland owner.

Organizations :

 The Newfoundland Club of America - The Newfoundland Puppy
The Seattle Newfoundland Club

 The Pacific Northwest Newfoundland Club

The American Kennel Club

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

On the Web:

Newf Know-How: Puppy 101

 Dog Care Tips

Dog Food Analysis- Picking the right dog food 

 Pet Care  

Finding a Breeder

The Newfoundland Dog Owners Forum on Facebook

Puppy Grooming

Swimming with your Newf

Helpful Articles:

Subscribe to Life Stages - The LifeStages newsletters are a series devoted to the joys and opportunities that arise as your Newfoundland puppy grows from exuberant youngster to adult companion. These newsletters are developed around the first 12 months, a formative period where the bond between human and Newf develops as both owners and puppies learn.

 Grooming your Newfoundland

The Long Term Effects of Early Spaying and Neutering

Canine Health Information Center - health testing in Newfoundlands


 The  Newfoundland Puppy 

The Newf and You 


When you own a Newfoundland

Are Newfies Strong - my favorite YouTube video

HarmonyHouse Newfoundlands - Newfoundland Dog Breeder