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To be put on a waiting list, please complete and return this application for a puppy.  (you can copy it into a word document and then e-mail it to me as an attachment)  Name Date Address City State/Zip Telephone E-mail How did you decide that you want a Newfoundland?    Do all family members agree on adopting a Newfoundland? What other pets do you currently have? Describe your ideal dog - what characteristics are most important to you.

​ Have you ever owned a Newf? If so, how would you describe that experience?    Have you ever had to re-home or surrender a dog to a shelter? If so what were the circumstances?   Have you done any research into the Newfoundland breed to see if its temperament, personality and care will fit into your lifestyle?   Do you rent or own your home? If renting, are you permitted to have pets? Is your yard fenced in? If not, are you willing to fence in an adequate exercise and containment area for the dog? _ Where will the dog be kept during the day? At night? Are you interested in conformation showing, breeding, obedience, water work or drafting? If so, which one/s. Do you plan to spay or neuter your newf? If so, Are you willing to wait until a male is at least 18 months old and a female is half way between her first and second heat cycle? I understand and believe that owning a Newfoundland is a commitment for the lifetime of the dog. I certify that the information I have given herein is true and accurate. I am aware that the deposit is non-refundable. Name and signature Date 

Puppy Application

Atlas (Blue Boy) is joining his half-sister, Nautia, in Long Island, New York

Tupper (Red Boy) is going to be a service dog in Seattle, Washington

Neptune (Green Boy) will be having fun with his family in Seattle, Washington

Oliver (Gold Boy) is joining a lovely lady in Maple Valley, Washington.

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