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Tilli getting ready to start her shift at the 2016 Tree pull.

Shiloh giving a ride - 2007

Tilli in between trees at the 2021 Tree Pull - it rained the whole time, but she never stopped working

Hazel son, Bo, at the 2022 Christmas Tree Pull

Xena with a big tree 2015 - torrential rains kept dogs wet and customers away.

Tilli at the 2018 Christmas Tree Pull bringing in her smallest tree of the day

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Bentley gives Dave a ride

The dogs give rides to children and pull trees in from the fields.  They receive tips for their work.  They also pose for countless Christmas card photos.

Marlo crossing the bridge - 2013

Marlo - 2013

Phoebe looking festive - 2012.

Bentley spots his daddy, Miles - 2010

Teddy (Miles/Phoebe son) having fun at work - 2011

Littermates Bentley and Teddy pass each other  - 2011

Miles hauls children - 2011

Miles always earned the most tips because he worked longer and faster than the other dogs - 2009

Bentley (Miles/Phoebe son) loaded up and ready to go  - 2011

Miles waiting for a customer - 2008

Christmas Tree Pull
The Newfoundland Club of Seattle hosts an annual Christmas Tree Pull to raise funds to support Newfoundland Rescue and the NCA Health Challenge.