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Fey takes Hazel's puppies for a walk

Fey enjoying the snow

Fey at the Seattle Kennel Club show - age 4.  And yes, it's all about her.

Fey watches over Tilli's puppies

Fey (right) with a puppy from each of her litters - Athena, Baloo, and Hazel

Fey with her puppy, Dixie - 9 weeks old

Fey tends to Tilli's puppy Clara
Fey's slide Show - starting at 8 weeks
Lasydog's Morgan Le Fey RN -  Fey

Born: May 17, 2012 in Norway: died June 2020

Heart: Normal;  Cystinuria: Carrier; Hips: Good; Elbows: Normal; Patella: Normal; Eyes: Normal
​Carries Brown

We lost her so suddenly and without explanation. She was such a wonderful dog.  She had no work ethic.  All she wanted was to love and be loved.  She was my velcro dog - she had to be touching me at all times. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone.  She watched over all the puppies, it didn't matter whose puppies they were.  She was mother to them all.  Life is not the same without her.