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In one test, the intriguing distraction was a Yorkie dressed in a spider costume
Shiloh in the group down-stay while hitched to the cart
Shiloh is patient while the weight is loaded
Miles goes through the high narrows
Phoebe enters the low narrows
The freight haul covers a variety of terrain, uphills and downhills, natural obstacles and somewhere along the course there is an "intriguing distraction", which the dogs may look at, but not react to.
Miles stops at the Removable Obstacle
Miles starts the 90 degree left turn
Miles executes a sharp right turn
Miles waits to be hitched to the cart
After harnessing, Miles backs up toward the cart for hitching.
Miles starts the figure 8
Fourth part of test: Three minute out of sight group down-stay and weight loading
Fifth part of test: One mile freight haul with a load of at least 25 pounds

Third Part of Test: Maneuvering Course
Miles backs up while attached to cart 
Miles demonstrates a speedy recall 
Shiloh (second from back) in the group down-stay 
Miles cooperates for harnessing 
Phoebe shows off-leash heeling skills 
Miles waits for a recall command 
First part of test: Basic Control
Second Part of Test:   Harnessing and Hitching 
Miles continues after the Removable Obstacle is removed

Draft Tests

The Newfoundland Club of Seattle and the Pacific Nortwest Newfoundland Club host draft tests in the spring and fall.