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Hazel at 7 years old.  She like to sit on me

Hazel makes a face - age 3 

Five months old

Hazel tends Tilli's puppies along with her own boy

Hazel 3 1/2

Hazel is the best nanny dog.  She loves Clara's puppies

HarmonyHouse Good Witch Hazel

Born: September 12, 2015

Hazel at 6.5 months old.

Hazel - 8 months old

Hazel with her mom, Fey.  4 1/2 months old.

Heart: Normal;  Cystinuria: Carrier;  Hips: Excellent;  Elbows: Normal

Hazel at 9 weeks.

Hazel at 15 months - she matches the furniture.

Hazel 2 1/2.