Single bar jump wing jump

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Double bar jump.
Love those ears


Tupper (Red Boy) is going to be a service dog in Seattle, Washington

Oliver (Gold Boy) is joining a lovely lady in Maple Valley, Washington.

Over the jump and already looking toward the next obstacle - what a boy!


 Lacey WA 98503 us
Exiting the tunnel.  This is tough for the big dogs since they have to run through it in a crouch
In Agility, the dog negotiates a course of jumps and obstacles within a certain time allotment. Accuracy and timing result in a qualifying score. Shiloh earned three agility titles.

Atlas (Blue Boy) is joining his half-sister, Nautia, in Long Island, New York

Tire jump.
The Teeter - it hits the ground with a bang as the dog comes down.  They learn not to be startled by the sound
Up and over the A-Frame

Neptune (Green Boy) will be having fun with his family in Seattle, Washington