Dockside's Now or Never  - Nemo

Nemo - 7 months old

Heart: Normal;  Cystinuria: Clear;  Preliminary Hips: Excellent;  Preliminary Elbow: DJD right, left normal

Nemo at 5 months


 Lacey WA 98503 us

Atlas (Blue Boy) is joining his half-sister, Nautia, in Long Island, New York

‚ÄčNemo at 18 months

HarmonyHouse Newfoundlands - Newfoundland Dog Breeder

Nemo 6 months old; Hazel 20 months old

Oliver (Gold Boy) is joining a lovely lady in Maple Valley, Washington.

Nemo at a year old with his favorite toy - Mr. Bill

Neptune (Green Boy) will be having fun with his family in Seattle, Washington

Tupper (Red Boy) is going to be a service dog in Seattle, Washington

Carries Brown

Born: November 11, 2016

Nemo's first swim - 6 months old

Nemo after earning his first two points toward his championship.  He took reserve his first 5 times in the ring, and finally he was Best of Winners.

22 months old

Nemo is 16 months old

Nemo at 15 months preparing for his first dog show.